Monday, September 9, 2013

The Importance of Property Planning

Sometimes we tend to be neglectful of a few things, like planning. We don’t really think ahead or even try to prepare for the future. We all know that death is inevitable, and we may not want to prepare for it, but we should think of those whom we leave behind. Is everything set for them?

When you pass away, obviously, you won’t be able to pack up and bring all your possessions with you. What’s funnier is that you cannot leave them to anyone, too, should you fail to plan things way ahead of time. That is why it is advisable to have property planning because this makes things easier for the ones who are left behind.

Importance of Property Planning
It can be a little brutal to discuss about death, especially your own. Maybe that’s why you haven’t thought about it yet. But life can be a little brutal most especially if we talk about practicality. And practicality includes planning our own deaths. Have you heard of memorial plans? They’re more brutal than property planning. So if you wish for your family to inherit your properties if you pass away earlier than expected, you should start planning now!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Annuities: An Overview

What is annuity?

In case you don’t know what an annuity is, it is used as a means of providing an individual a steady cash flow during his or her retirement years. This is a kind of financial product sold by financial institutions that could have you all set in the future- financially. You can have a quarterly payment, monthly, or even annual. The amount is dependent on the premiums you’re paying and the duration of your payment.

The growth of the investor’s money remains tax-deferred. This means that the earned growth of the money is only taxed when the investor decides to withdraw the money and take possession of it. If, however, the investor wishes to have an early withdrawal, he or she will have to pay the insurance company penalty charges, including tax penalties.

Importance of Annuities
In annuities, there’s no such thing as contribution limits. Compared to a Roth IRA or even the 401k, annuity can make you contribute any amount into your account. Aside from the earnings you get from the amount you put in, you also get interest from the earnings.

A Few Good Ways to Enhance Financial Intelligence

Financial Intelligence Defined

Financial intelligence assesses our capability to resolve our own financial problems. In other words, it measures our ability on cash management. Luckily, we can improve and increase our financial intelligence. Many people today are having difficulties managing their own money, and you don’t want to be part of that crowd. It is important that we get ourselves educated when it comes to money handling.

Anyone at all can choose to have his or her financial intelligence increased. And no; you don’t have to go back to college simply for that. Nobody has the time to do that; for sure, you don’t. You just need your will and perseverance. You might have a high-paying job right now, and you think that you really don’t need to strictly manage your money. That is where you’re wrong. The aim here is to take control over your own finances instead of it taking control of you.

Ways to Enhance Financial Intelligence
A good grasp of managing your own finances is imperative. To have capability to avoid financial difficulties, you simply need to learn the elements and important factors about managing our own finances.
Here are a few good tips on how to improve your financial intelligence:

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