Olah! I’m Bradford Thompson. I’m a financial adviser, and welcome to my blog!

Everywhere I look, I encounter people with problems in their finances. Even my friends are suffering from the same unnecessary predicament. And do you know how frustrating it is to see friends and even family members stress out because they can’t handle their finances well? We get jobs to get us secured, but the other way around is happening. So how do we deal with this irony? 

That is the reason why this blog is created. This blog is for my friend, family, and anyone who fail in their finances every month.

I can’t say that I have the same struggles. Even when I was still young, I was always piggy-bank friendly. I could not last a day without putting a coin or a bill in it. My parents, who encouraged me to save money as much as I could, would give me a pat on the back every Christmas because I always had something for them. Thanks to the piggy bank! 

Thanks to education, I have learned to handle money as a grown up. And I’m sharing my knowledge to you! If you’re interested in achieving short term and long term goals and having a worry-free life in the future, this little crash course that I’m developing is best for you! 

I love to help you get back on track with your finances, and it starts here!

It will be difficult. If you’re used to spending than saving, you will find that this blog won’t be an easy journey. But will it all be worth it? YES! The future is not too far away. Let’s all gear up and be prepared for just about anything. 

Best of luck, guys!

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